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7TNO8 (pronounced Seventeen-o-Eight) is the "starting and expanding point. It is the month and the year (August 2017) where it all began. When the Big Bang happened, little space rocks and matters collided and formed a galaxy with limitless possibilities. Inspired by the formation of the mighty universe, we came together as individual creative, each with our own achieve things beyond our imaginations. Just like our ever-expanding universe, we drew together and grew, from students with limited knowledge to individuals with increasing creativity. 


7TNO8 unfolds our story about the journey we embarked on 3 years ago, and how we developed into the career-ready graduates we are today. It features our individual and collective experiences, expressing and sharing what we have to help each of us achieve our own dreams together. 

ICAD Odyssey

ICAD Odyssey is the checkpoint of degree and foundation students studying under the arts and design course in INTI International College Subang. This year, ICAD Odyssey's launching its first event, organized by Graphorius-batch 2020 graduating students of BA (Hons in Graphic Design 3+0 with Sheffield Hallam University-entitled ICAD Odyssey: 7TNO8 "The Galactic Formation Phenomena", featuring not only works from Graphorius but also from progressing batch of foundation in design and Creative Commons art bazaar.

ICAD Creative Co.

Alongside their Graduation Showcase “ICAD Odyssey: 7TNO8”, the ICAD Odyssey Bazaar with Creative Co. manifests the collective collaborative efforts of the Year 3 BA (Hons) Graphic Design graduating batch with their fellow students and staffs by producing artworks & design merchandises for sale to the public!  

Creative Co. by INTI Centre of Art & Design (ICAD) is established as an effort to bridge a sense of community through creativity, art & design. In its flexible nature, Creative Co. opens itself to communications and collaborations with multiple bodies, be it collectives or corporations with the aim to establish something meaningful through art & design.  

In fostering stronger relationships by strengthening common values and shared beliefs, Creative Co. aims to bring to light the potentialities of art and design in impacting our communities..


“Graphic Atmosphere 4 (for) Euphoria” or shortly known as Graphorius is a group of graphic design students from the graduating batch of the BA (Hons) Graphic Design 3+0 with Sheffield Hallam University in INTI International College Subang.

Graphorius was founded in August 2017, as a brand that features 14 aspiring graphic designers from a diverse cultural background (including Japan, China, Indonesia and Malaysia). Not only is Graphorius rich in cultural diversity, it also prides in a multidisciplinary portfolio.






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